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Registering your list could not be simpler because we have personal consultants who are available to meet with you by appointment. Their comprehensive store and product knowledge will be of invaluable assistance to you both when you compile your list.

The first step in registering your list is to make an appointment with our personal consultants which you can do online by completing the online form or by phoning (01)804 5877

We recommend that you organize your list approximately three months before your wedding, which will give you enough time to create a list you are both completely happy with.

Once you are happy with your list we will make it available for your guests to view. They will be able to make purchases online, by phone or in person.

The Wedding Gift Registry is situated on the lower ground floor of the Abbey Street wing adjacent to the luggage department. Our trained staff will be pleased to explain our service in more detail and are always available to assist you before and after your list is registered.

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